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Pylon Signs
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Warrington Pylon Signs


Maintaining good revenue requires maximized visibility, especially for businesses reliant on daily foot traffic. Golden Fox Sign offers custom-designed Warrington pylon signs to help you achieve just that!

custom tenant pylon sign

Pylon signs are innately hard to miss due to their towering heights. But with our signage expertsโ€™ help, youโ€™ll have an even more effective marketing tool with an attractive design and long-lasting materials.

We will make sure that your pylon sign will have a compelling, brand-reinforcing design that will make your business stand out in a unique, professional, and impressive way.

Whether youโ€™re looking for an eye-catching landmark for your standalone business or a highly visible sign for your multi-tenant building, our Warrington, PA sign company can tailor the best pylon sign to your specific needs and preferences.

Discuss your signage customization options with our team today!

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

pylon illuminated sign boxes

The height of pylon signs undeniably gives you a visibility advantage. But they can easily grab more attention and make your business more inviting if you incorporate them with LED lighting.

Pylon signs made with illuminated sign boxes will make for effective highway advertising tools. They will give any standalone and multi-tenant businesses the increased daily foot traffic theyโ€™re aiming for.

People can easily spot your establishment even at nighttime, which is especially beneficial for convenience stores, gas stations, bars, hotels, and other businesses operating at night.

Aside from being an advertising tool, pylon signs are also considered prominent landmarks. And even if you run your illuminated sign boxes 24/7, our LED lighting is energy efficient, so that you wonโ€™t be paying too much maintenance costs in the long run.

Affordable Tenant Signs

Our Warrington pylon signs are particularly popular among multi-tenant buildings and establishments.

custom tenant signThey are very effective in telling the public what businesses or offices can be found inside your building or area. Even the tenant in the innermost space of your building can make their location known!

Since pylon signs are tall, you can fit in many sign panels or boxes for each of your tenants. This makes them ideal for shopping malls, office buildings, and business parks.

Based on your budget and style preference, you can customize your pylon sign to have interchangeable faces, digital displays, channel letters, or sign panels that are fully customized to cater to each of your tenantโ€™s branding guidelines.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

One more reason why our Warrington pylon signs are in high demand is their exceptional resilience.

custom pylon signSince they are meant to help promote your business 24/7 out in the open, Golden Fox Sign makes sure that the materials we use can withstand various weather conditions for an extended period.

From strong steel frames to durable aluminum coverings, we select materials for maximum pylon sign durability, always mindful of your budget. Our signage experts employ top painting techniques and metal reinforcements to protect your sign from rust and oil canning.

Additionally, the sign faces of our pylon signs can be made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or vinyl. We can also add an extra coating for an added layer of protection against fading. Overall, the pylon signs we produce are guaranteed to remain visible and attractive for a long time!

Full-Service Sign Company

Golden Fox Sign is your dedicated full-service sign partner, committed to excellence in crafting premium pylon signs. We kickstart the process with a free consultation to grasp your specific needs, expectations, and budget.

Outdoor Tenant Pylon SignOur skilled signage designers transform your ideas and branding elements into a unique pylon sign that sets your brand apart. Our fabrication team brings this design to life using top-quality materials that meet all the specifications you’ve approved.

With our skilled signage installation experts, we ensure a safe and efficient installation process. We strictly adhere to local bylaws, and we make certain that the foundation can withstand roadside hazards, including extreme weather and minor accidents.

Should you choose to illuminate your pylon sign, our electric system specialists will ensure it shines without any issues. And remember, we’re here for you even after installation, offering repair and replacement services.

Free Pylon Signs Consultation

Warrington Pylon Signs faviconWhether your building is a standalone business located away from the main road or operates during nighttime hours, we can customize pylon signs to offer visibility that can significantly boost traffic.

Talk to our signage experts today, and weโ€™ll start the customization process as soon as possible!

Call Golden Fox Sign today at (267) 651-1682 for your Free Consultation with a Warrington Pylon Sign expert!