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Dimensional Letters
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Flourtown Dimensional Letters


An impressive replacement for conventional signage that distinguishes you from competing service providers is necessary to stay ahead of the competition in today’s dynamic economy. Our amazing Flourtown dimensional letters are here to unleash the creative potential of your brand.

custom acrylic backlit storefront sign

Golden Fox Sign is your all-inclusive signage solution, offering robust, eye-catching dimensional letters that perfectly represent your distinctive brand. These signs, also called 3D letters or raised letters, are expertly made by casting, molding, fabricating, and precision cutting solid materials like metal.

Our dimensional letters feature high-quality materials and the expertise of our skilled sign makers, ensuring both stunning aesthetics and long-lasting durability.

Customize dimensional letters to meet the advertising needs of any industry. They exude versatility, visibility, and a refined appearance. Whether you operate a store, restaurant, office, bank, hospital, church, or any other establishment, Golden Fox Sign is prepared to craft the perfect dimensional letter sign to elevate your structure’s aesthetics.

Decide on Flourtown dimensional letters as your go-to signage option, and you’ll see the transformational impact they have on the presence of your brand.

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Appealing Storefront Signage

Do you think you need an upgrade? We believe so! The eye-catching and durable appeal of dimensional letters will improve the storefront of your company. High-quality Flourtown dimensional letters from Golden Fox Sign add depth and texture to your building’s exterior while also giving it an upscale appeal.

custom outdoor restaurant signsThese 3D letters are not only gorgeous to look at but also very adaptable. They can be applied in a variety of ways, including reader boards, monument signs, post and panel signs, and direct installation on building facades.

Elevate your brand visibility with our custom dimensional letters, and set your business apart day and night. While our standard dimensional letters are non-illuminated, you can easily illuminate them with backlighting, halo lights, or spotlights upon request.

No matter the time or weather conditions, our signage solutions ensure you’ll always make a statement. Experience the consistent customer attraction of our captivating Flourtown dimensional letters.

Attractive Indoor Lettering

Learn how dimensional letters can transform the interior of your building. Golden Fox Sign is exceptional at producing eye-catching signage using premium components and optional lighting.

Custom dimensional letter lobby signDimensional letters give your space a polished and interesting touch, whether you decide to display your logo on them, install them in your reception area, or use them for wayfinding. To ensure that your Flourtown dimensional letters reflect your brand’s identity and seamlessly complement your current decor, our expert team will work closely with you. This will help to distinguish your company by giving its interior a striking appearance.

3D or raised letters, despite their name, aren’t confined to mere letterforms. They can take the shape of letters, numbers, logos, images, or any combination of these, allowing you to craft a captivating and comprehensive signage display. Our skilled design team will work closely with you to create a design that effectively reflects your company’s identity.

Trust Golden Fox Sign to create custom dimensional letters when you’re looking for something special to set your company apart. We promise that your interior signage will effectively represent your brand while also blending in with the rest of the interior design of your facility, making a positive impression on everyone who sees it.

Durable Dimensional Letters

Custom-made dimensional letters made from a variety of materials will help your brand stand out. We have a variety of options at Golden Fox Sign to suit your business’s needs and aesthetic preferences. You can choose from dimensional letter signs made of plastic, metal, light foam, or wood.

indoor lobby dimensional signagePlastic signage is a great material option for outdoor signage that is strong and resistant to the elements. Whether you prefer acrylic, vinyl, PVC, or plaques, these materials guarantee endurance, adaptability, and weather resistance.

Metal is the ideal match for indoor signs. Metal dimensional letters can be installed outdoors even though they are more commonly used indoors. For a sleek and businesslike appearance, consider using materials like bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, or stainless steel.

Light foam is the preferred material for creating bold, large letters. It is a popular option due to its lightweight features as well as its sturdiness, durability, and thickness. Light foam is a desirable alternative for companies of all sizes thanks to the additional benefit of affordability.

Consult Golden Fox Sign if you’re unsure of which material is most appropriate for your dimensional letters. Our staff will assist you in making the best material choice to guarantee that your dimensional letters fulfill their function for many years to come.

Full-Service Sign Company

Finding the perfect sign to promote your brand can be challenging, but at Golden Fox Sign, our team of experts is here to assist you at every stage. We understand the effort and research required to find the ideal signage for your company, and we’re ready to help.

custom outdoor dimensional signsOur group includes talented graphic designers, producers, installers, and repairmen who are all committed to giving you a seamless experience. We take meticulous care of every detail, from the initial consultation to evaluating your building and finally installing your signage.

You can rely on our Flourtown, PA sign company to assist you in creating a design that captures the distinctive personality of your brand and draws in potential customers. With your needs and budget in mind, we’ll suggest the best type and material for your signage. You can relax knowing that our team will guarantee a reliable and secure installation.

Allow us to take control and lead you as you develop the ideal signage solution for your company.

Free Dimensional Letters Consultation

Flourtown Dimensional Letters faviconAre you looking for modifications to your business plans? Golden Fox Sign guarantees that our personnel are the best at meeting your signage needs. If you need precise, effective, and experienced workers to complete your signage, our Flourtown dimensional letters experts are who you need to call.

Why do you persist in waiting? Contact us right away to discuss your need for a signage expert.

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